Friday, Nov. 3, 2016

7:30 pm - 11ish



Frankenstein vs. Miss Lasko-Gross

Miss tells it like it is. By Cheese

Here's a particularly awesome jam from October of 2009.  Totally awesome panels from Miss Lasko-Gross, Evan Forsch and special guest Hans Rickheit who was in town signing his excellent book, The Squirrel Machine. One of my favorites from any time period.


The Lord Sayeth...

By Joe Strike, I think...

Here's one from 2007 or 2008 featuring one of the Jams favorite subjects, religion. I've said before, religion and fart jokes are many cartoonists bread and butter. They are subjects that are easy to grasp and easy to mock. This one features one of my top picks for 'Miss Lasko-Gross' best contribution to the Jams,' her panel is simply beautiful.


The Pigman

Can you smell what Tim Kelly is cookin'? No? Me neither.

The Pigman is the first jam we ever did way back in August of 2001.  It’s a little on the stupid side, way on the drunk side and mostly done in pencil on beer stained pages. Terrible, clumsy crap from Cheese, Dave McKenna, K. Thor Jensen, Goat Reinecker, and Tim Kelly.